Do you want to access solutions & resources from around the world at one single access-point?

Then get excited about our CoCreate Platform!
In second half of 2022 we will release the Pre-Alpha Version enabling 2 main functionalities

 A) Access point to the global Solution Ecosystem

We connect existing Platforms & Databases  to a “one-stop-shop” for sustainable development & lifestyle! Through this network of networks YOU, and the global Changemaker community, can find best solutions for your private life, organization, community or region. Find everything you need and offer your skills where needed. Together we can achieve what no one can do alone. 

people – knowledge – tools – resources – locations – events

B) Process-Tool for your local Solution Ecosystem

To make it even easier for you to connect your own local Solution Ecosystem, we will provide you a tool which helps you to smoothly follow our step by step process.

step by step guidance, connecting people, document results, form workgroups, plan tasks.

Let's connect the best solutions, products and services around the world
to shape a new reality!

Future development steps

We will continue our focus on creating a digital Hub to connect already existing solutions rather than developing own tools.

To revolutionize the way in which Changemakers, Informations and Services work together for a common good, we will facilitate collaboration in the areas of:

  • APIs & SSO (Single-Sign-On)
    To create interfaces between yet separated services
  • Semantic Data Model
    To enable better sensemaking and interconnection of informations
  • User Experience Design
    To allow intuitive work for all user backgrounds
  • Implementation of future technology:
    AI, machine learning, blockchain, cryptocurrency, gamification, VR/AR, etc.

Imagine the power of an ecosystem of decentralized & open source tools, as alternatives to existing platforms.

Got interessted? Stay in touch to be updated about our next steps!