Do you want to activate the full potential of your network in an easy way?

Then use our facilitation approach to connect your Ecosystem in an strategic step by step process!

Our facilitation approach is bridging the gap between the theoretical Ecosystem-Model and the practice of connecting people in an impactful way. No matter if normal citizen, regional development initiative, cooperative, municipality or even as a member of an global network:

Everybody – also you – can become the starting point of this journey to transform your informal network into a powerful Ecosystem to co-create a better life for yourself and your community. Just believe and make the first step! We’ve got your back and will guide you step by step through the process. With our mentoring program, you will never be alone!

The core of our facilitation approach is the event series “CoCreate Xperience” (especially for networks, communities and regions). If you want to use our Ecosystem-Approach for your Organisation or want to find out how it can benefit you as a individual Changemaker, check out our book us section.

4 steps to your Solutions Ecosystem

A few steps will lead you to your first CC Xperience Event, where your community will transform from an informal network into a strategic Solution Ecosystem. This will set a strong foundation to realize impactfull projects for more sustainability, regeneration & resilience of your community!

Our 1-2 day Event-Format contains:

  • short vision process
  • offer & needs match-making
  • forming of solution-groups
  • personal & group exercises
  • clarity about the follow-up

Great job, it’s done – congratulations! As Host you initiated this process, now you can decide freely if you want to continue in an supporting role, or not. From there on we will support the Host-Team to guide your Ecosystem through further CC Xperience Events and workgroup-phases in between. To unfold more:

  • quality (better vision & value alignment, better relationships, better self-organization) and
  • quantity (more participants, more topics addressed, finer graduation of sub-topics, more down-to-earth projects realized)


What can you expect as an outcome?

  • Philosophy: you align around a shared Vision & Values
  • Model: you define methods & processes how to collaborate
  • Node: you assign a person or team for organizational support
  • Infrastructure: you collect critical resources for projects to be developed   
  • Topics: you identify the most important development goals in your region and are ready to implement solutions.
  • Public: more and more people notice your positive actions and get interested to become part of shaping a positive reality!                  

We are looking forward to support you to connect your strategic Solutions Ecosystem!