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We offer Trainings and Facilitation for Changemaker, Organisations and Regions so they can fulfill their highest potential with our Ecosystem approach. Furthermore we train Facilitators on how to work with our approach. So let’s get in contact to find out how we can empower you for more Impact!

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Help to pioneer the Global Solution Ecosystem and to establish local Ecosystems around the world to empower people to co-create a good life for themselves and their communities. In the growing Phase of 2022 we especially look for support in these fields:

Communication – Finance & Fundraising – Technology – Business Administration

Or reach out to us with an initial application and share, with which special skill you want to support our mission.

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Pioneer with us the Global Solution Ecosystem and become one of the first key partners to take a core role in one of our layers:

Philosophy – Model – Node – Infrastructure – Topics

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Your contribution to CoCreate is more than a donation. Create a new reality by helping us to build a solid foundation for long-term impact through funding our mission.

  • one time support: Bank transfer ; Paypal/Creditcard (coming soon)
  • support on monthly base: Patreon ; Paypal/Creditcard (coming soon)
  • Impact Loan: contact us to get more information to our IL-Program

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We are looking forward to get in touch with you to start an open conversation or even better to listen to your specific ideas on how we can collaborate on a shared mission to co-create a “good life for all”.