Do you want to allow yourself to dream big?

Then join in with our Vision to:
Unite the world-community to co-create a good life for all

We are working towards this vision by making it easier for Changemakers to connect and coordinate their projects and transformative processes so that they can mutually enhance their impact. Attempts at defining the “good life for all” can be found in various publications, e.g. “3 dimensions of sustainability” , the “UN Sustainable Development Goals” and the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. However, it is not up to us to decide what a “good life for all” will look like. Instead, its definition should be understood as a part of this co-creation process. The urgency of accomplishing our vision can be seen from two different perspectives:

Reactive: If we want to be resilient as a society, we have to prepare for crises (social, financial, war, resources, etc.) and catastrophes (droughts, floods, famine, etc.) and find ways of addressing them.

Proactive: On the other side we can see change as a creative and entrepreneurial process, offering us potential to express ourselves and to create the life we want to live.

CoCreate is an invitation to the worlds largest co-creation process!

Co = the syllable expressing our human connection (collaboration, cooperation, community)
+ Create = our call to action for empowerment to create the life you want to live!


After 10 years as Moderator, Facilitator, Trainer, Community Builder, Event-Designer, Project-Manager, etc. in the field of sustainable development Hansi Herzog collected all his experience, existing knowledge & models and results of stakeholder-interviews to integrate all of it to the CoCreate Ecosystem Model.

With his personal funding he invested into creating designs (corporate design, prospectus, animation video) for better communication and into building a team.

Various reasons (to discuss in an upcoming video), on top of the Corona-Pandemie led to a development stop at the beginning of 2020.


After 2 years of recovery and reflection the time has come to restart the work of CoCreate with the beginning of 2022. Hansi Herzog is still committed to his vision of “uniting the world-community to co-create a good life for all”.

Now the focus lays on putting the theoretical model into practice! 2022 is the year of prototyping where Hansi can use his skills as an experienced Facilitator and Trainer.

To do so, we offer Facilitation/Training for  Changemaker, Organizations and Regions using our unique Ecosystem approach to utilize the power of strategic connections.


Realizing the proof-of-concept sets the foundation for further development. A new team has to be built, new funds to be raised and strong partners to be found to activate the full potential of CoCreate – gLocal Solution Ecosystems.

Next steps:

  • May 2022: start of Online-Training program
  • Spring-Autumn 2022: Prototyping Facilitation/Training
  • Autumn 2022: Prototyping Train the Trainer
  • second half of 2023:
    Platform Pre-Alpha

My passion is to empower People, Organizations and Regions to fulfill their highest potential to co-create a “good life for all”. 

In my life I have been bridging the gap between apparent opposites for as long as I can remember. In that way my title “Chief Visionary Officer” represents the holistic integration of my many backgrounds (spirituality, permaculture, social science, technology, design and business) and especially my two strongest poles: the playful Joker and the rational Entrepreneur.

Throughout my last 15 years of being a Changemaker and Social Entrepreneur I found my personal passion in the topic of collaboration and community building. After…

  • “Social Work & Social Management” Studies
  • founding of the regional-platform
  • 50+ guided group processes
  • 20+ designed & facilitated networking events
  • 5 collaboration Trainings (and many workshops)
  • Intense studying & interviewing about self-organization and networking

… the CoCreate – gLocal Solutions Ecosystems approach was developed as a conclusion of all I have read, discussed, practiced and failed with, in the past.

I am super exited that I am able to follow my passion and designing my dream life day by day. Born in Austria, I am living in my Mobilehome right now, moving arround as a digital Changemaker. During my 2 years break from CoCreate I foundet a Sustainable Business: Awesome Nuts ; cooked vegan specialities as Dancing Kitchen and got into the art of Contact Improvisation Dance.

Stay in touch and co-create a "good life for all" with us!