We empower Changemakers, Organisations and Regions

to co-create

a good life for themselves & their communities

by transforming informal Networks into strategic Ecosystems
we connect People, Knowledge, Resources and Tools

to accelerate solution implementation for more
sustainability - resilience - regeneration

We deeply believe that together we can co-create a better future! Humanity already has all the solutions. What we still need to do:
co-ordinate our actions
as a changing society.

To do so we invite Changemakers around the world to join together to connect a network of networks, the Global Solutions Ecosystem.

With our work we would like to honor, showcase and strengthen the work of millions of active people and connect their efforts to deeply change our world to a better place.

community gardens, foodcoops & zero-waste-shops, water retention and purification, community spaces, solar cooperative, sustainable mobility initiatve, open source technology, etc.

You want it all at once? It's possible!
Start to think the Ecoystem way now and co-create (y)our reality with us

How does CoCreate help YOU shape a better world?

connect your community
and build fulfilling relations
find existing or create new solutions for a good life
get access to all the resources
you need to get into action
create a living with your passion
& build a local economy

our Impact-Model/Theory

So stay in touch and co-create a "good life for all" with us!