Do you want to create a better life for Yourself and Your community?
Do you want to earn a good living, doing what You love?
Did you have problems in the past, doing this?

Then join our Online-Training to learn how you can change the life of yourself and others for a better world and get the support you need to take action NOW! unleash your full potential

Perfect for you if:

  • you hesitate to live your dream life
  • it’s hard for you to find focus for making development steps with your heart project
  • you haven’t been able to earn a living through your passion

In this 13 week Training-Program you will:

  • learn Personal Development & Business skills to
  • become sustainably successful: boost your own wellbeing, financial prosperity and positive impact for a better world
  • balance flow & freedom with focus & stability to create your impactful dream life 
  • become a go-getter & build the habit of taking action
  • integrate Head (strategy) – Heart (direction) – Hand (action)
  • learn our unique CoCreate Ecosystem Model to utilize the full potential of your network

And most importantly you will join our supportive tribe that will lift your mindset and provide accountability to put into action what you are learning & already know!

Get to know your Trainer: Hansi Herzog

My passion is to empower People, Organizations and Regions to fulfill their highest potential to co-create a “good life for all”.

Why am I capable of doing this? I have been following this passion for more positive Impact for over 15 years, going through all the ups and downs you could imagine! I took action, failed, and got back up. I have learned and integrated a lot. Over and over and over again. As long as it was necessary to finally stand here, showing up to share my gifts.

On top of that down-to-earth experience, I have invested over 40.000€ in Personal Development, Business and Train the Trainer Programs to learn from the best Trainers from both the traditional and alternative perspective.

Now I have put everything together into this holistic Training Program to empower YOU to utilize the best of both worlds. Additionally, my work with CoCreate will be your access point to the Global Solution Ecosystem connecting you with Changemakers around the world and the power of your own network.

Finally I am living my dream, traveling in my Camper as a digital Nomad.
Whatever your dream is, you can achieve it as well.
I look forward to helping you help the world.
For a good life for all!

How this Training will unleash your full potential:

  • 4 x 1-1,5h calls 1:1 with Trainer Hansi Herzog (Start, Mid, End, wildcard)
  • 10 weekly focus topics
  • weekly video input
  • weekly group calls
  • digital workbook (1-4 pages added each week: reflection questions and links to further information for all who want to dive deep)
  • Peer-Partner for daily accountability + weekly Peer-Call
  • Plus:
    • exclusive Alumni-Peer-Group for further support 
    • join the CoCreate Ecosystem & early access to future releases
    • option of additional 1:1 training at lower rate
    • special events from my network (breathwork, yoga, etc.)
    1. Intro & Onboarding | start 1:1 Calls

    2. Vision – Purpose – Future Self
    3. Mindset
    4. Entrepreneurial Concept
    5. Routine & Habits
    6. Money Mindset & Money Management

    7. Reflection & Integration | mid 1:1 Calls
      (Reminder don’t forget to use your wildcard Call if you haven’t yet)

    8. Focus & Self-Leadership
    9. Automatisation & Passive Income
    10. Taking Action & Warrior archetype
    11. Collaboration & Ecosystem-Design
    12. Wellbeing & finding Balance

    13. Outro & Perspective | finish 1:1 Calls

Your Investment into your future

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I am fully committed to your success! I am convinced you will make a big leap – so 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the Training.

How to start? 

  1. Visit our next public Info Call if you have any open questions to decide:
    • 01.06 18:30 (UTC+1, Berlin/Vienna) REGISTER
  2. When you have your YES, sign Up with an Email via the button bellow!
  3. Fill out a self-assessment to give me the chance to get to know you and to create a better onboarding experience for you.
  4. I will double check if my program is the perfect fit for you. Choosing you, after you have chosen me, is important to provide each participant with the best environment for his development possible. 
  5. Pay the fee to save your spot, once your application is approved.
  6. The Training starts with our Onboarding-Call, 2 week after we reach the minimum of 5 sign ups.

Looking forward to have you on board soon... unleash your full potential