Co-create with us the “one-stop-shop” for sustainable development & lifestyle!

We connect the global changemaker community in one ecosystem, so you can implement best solutions for your private life, organization, community or region. Offer your skills where needed and find everything you need. Together we can achieve what no one can do alone. Become a pioneer and be part of this life changing experience.

How does it work?

  • The GCC (Global Co-Creation Challenge) is designed as a simple process to guide you through this adventure
  • On the journey you will meet other people and gather with them in various groups, within and across your expertise, interested, region, milieu, etc.
  • You will be invited to take on personal as well as group challenges on a weekly basis, embedded in monthly Chapters, which build on each other
  • Together we will a) collect, b) network, c) co-create and d) organize solutions to I) build the infrastructure we need to II) to easily access resources we need to III) realize a “good life for all”
  • Over time the content quantity and quality will grow, as well as the level of self-organisation of this evolutionary ecosystem

We invite YOU to become part of the world’s largest co-creation partnership!

Evolutionary Ecosystem
Our invitation to this process is just a seedling for what we will be able to create together. As host CoCreate is providing a basic workspace & communication setup as well as facilitation to ensure the continuous development in an dynamic process. Our goal is to provide as less as possible through CoCreate itself, but to connect what already exist out there in the global community of changemakers. So become part of this pioneers-phase and help to connect the base so we can grow together.

Chapter 1: visioning a “good life for all” (Jan 2021)

On the 01.01.2021 the gates will open to get you on board and introduce you to our approach and tools. During the first chapter we will focus on connecting with each other as well as develop our individual and common vision of a “good life for all”. Before we prepare for the start of the next phase, we will introduce and invite you to start “Micro-Solidarity groups”, which will play a crucial role for your personal development.

Chapter 2: connecting Infrastructure (Feb 2021)

In our second Chapter we will start challenges which focus on collecting & co-creating infrastructure to provide easy access to services changemakers need every day (platforms, funding, facilitation, knowledge-management, communication, spaces,…) and which will help to build the ecosystem key-platform-componets.

For privat individuals and mico-solidarity groups we will showcase small action steps for a sustainable lifestyle.

Chapter 3+​

While the infrastructure is developming to provide you with best solutions in the field of IT, communciation, funding, etc. the process will be opened to a broader audience and range of concrete “life-topics” (climate change, food, economy, mobility, housing, health, gender equality,  etc.)

Local sub-ecosystems will be started  to strengthen regional connection & development. Further network functions will be implemented, like founding-support for cooperatives, political advocacy, gamification, etc. Together we will also define our governance model as well implementing “Nodes” to support the organization process on different regional-levels.


check out our workspace to get a detailed overview about the current and upcoming chapters and functions!